Saturday, 13 October 2012


Assalamualaikum ladies.
How women love beauties. I have received a lot of feedback from the previous post on BBplus Kolagen. Many of us, quite skeptical about the quick result of BBplus kolagen. Lemme explain to all of you why, BBplus Kolagen is the best and can give quick result.

First of all, this BBplus Kolagen is made from Kolagen ikan (fish collage). But, why fish? Fish collagen contains :
1. Fish collagen consist of collagen structure similar to human collagen;
2. It is rich in proline and glycine;
3. It is made from small molecule in a form of peptide : easier absorption factor!
4. Deep sea fish has stronger collagen fibres than other collagen.
Let's see the difference between fish collagen and other sources of collagen :
Lastly, how BBplus can help us in getting back our smooth silky skin...ahaks! :
Fungsi sebenar collagen and why it is so important for us :
1. Collagen produce amino acids such as lysin, prolin dan glysin which really needed by our body to produce and build  the new tissue and mengawal fungsi sel;
2. Hydroxyprolin- memberi kekuatan dan keanjalan pada tisu penyokong dan tulang glisin -melembapan kulit;

3. Asparagin - Stabilise the skin structure,menstabilkan struktur,melembap, menegang dan menganjalkan kulit lantas mengekalkan kulit cantik serta menghalang penuaan;

4. Arginin – helps us in getting quality sleep.
Other than that, collagen also helps us :
1. monitoring and stabilize our metabolic system dan membantu pencernaan secara enzimatik;

2. Melindungi tulang rawan pada sendi daripada enzim dan kerosakan oksidatif;

3. Menegang, menganjal dan melembapkan kulit dengan cara menampung air di dalam tubuh;

4. Increases calcium absorption;
5. Menguatkan salur darah dan melancarkan pengaliran darah di bawah
    lapisan kulit;

6. Menghasilkan kualiti rambut dan kuku yang baik.
Nah! what are you still waiting for girls? Grab now!!
Both of us just can't stop talking about the benefit we are getting from BBplus Collagen.
Come and joint us and have your BBplus Collagen now.
So ladies, what more can you ask more?
Want a slender hot shape body, wear Premium Beautiful.
 Want a radiant glowing skin, drink BBplus collagen.
What a perfect combo!
We are looking for serious distributor too!
Call us for more info :
Dzuraida : 019.2529435 / Kuala Lumpur
 Lenda : 012.7030181
Ross : 013.3987246 / Banting


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